by Haniwa

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Debut album - Produced and Recorded by Haniwa at 601
All artwork by Steven Silva


released December 6, 2014

Allan Pelligrin - Bass/Vocals
Dylan Walling - Keyboard/Guitars/Production/Vocals
Shawn Stafford - Electric/Dan Electro
Shirley Sanders - Acoustic/Keyboard/Production/Bass/Vocals
Tyco Holloway - Electric/Vocals

All lyrics by Haniwa



all rights reserved


Haniwa Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Artwork by Steve Silva


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Track Name: Limb From Limb
Straw fibers
My gold idol

Oh while you sleep
I spin your dreams
Wedding rings

So bittersweet
Two for you
One for me

Straw fibers
My gold idol

Oh baby Ilk
What's in a name?
A shaking stilt
The mark of Cain

Limb from Limb
Piece by piece
Will it be you?
Or rather me?
Track Name: Safety in Numbers
Two years
Our bed
Wove lines
Smile thread

Always too bright
You kept your cool
I'm leaving now
Tell who's the fool

Safety in Numbers
Numbers I know well
We traveled broad miles
From high steps I fell

(Hand strain, migraine
I pull and pull
My heart's weight
I tear and tear into numbers

Goose, down
It falls and falls
Velvet and felt)

Remember climbing trees?
We wandered all day long
Crying in the sunshine
I played mandolin song

Would you be the repenter?
'Twas the first you felt alive
You try and figure it out
Time's never been on our side

I know your
Inside voice
Screaming out
There's no choice
Track Name: Tar Rose
With each step
It became
Harder to move
Harder to breathe

If you
Or I should fall
Strangling abyss
Fully consumed

Through the fissure, the lesion,
the tar rose
Na na na na na na na na na

With each kiss you'll know
That the tar rose
Track Name: Archipelago
Fierce cold
I never wanted to let those islands go
I’m headed out of the archipelago

As I forget my home forget me now
Never again to direct the wind where to blow

I wish I could see your eyes
See the surprise when you realized

You got your feelings involved

Islands fall in a line
Forming a warning sign

Lord knows
What I never said
Cause I only aim to please
While you were chasing cats
The rodents brought the fleas

Laughing it off

Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha

Lover's laughter
A poker burning
These plans of mine
Into holes in time

Summer's lover
Is elsewhere
Laughing it off

(Selfish hands
Still break
My bones
Still ache
From you
Laughing it off)
Track Name: Gloom
Two hands, one line, drew the clairvoyant
Our palms mirrored designs
She was tracing a moment in time
Take head to the matter, cut that heart line

One year of success
Desperate souls always find love in the loveless
Your wit is razors edge fine
But your passion is ever tasteless box wine

When the demons crawl up to greet you
Don't speak to me of disease
For every hell you seek
I'm two more levels deep

If you can't be there to meet me
Then baby darling leave
My love is more than bliss
My world is more than peace

I don't even care if you meant well
Meaning well's not half of a good start
Let the ravens and the crow find a home in my ink well
Always the ambassador of gloom and dark
Track Name: What's Left?
From my head to my blushing flesh
You, this time, shall bear the witness
Speak to me
What's left? What's left?

From my flesh to my guarded cell
You've already weathered this hell
Bereft of thought
What's left is breath

Neck ties and sometimes
Red pills and white wine
Slosh around in my skull
Until I temper my soul

With cold rice, stillness,
And hard times
Serve it in to my bowl,
Let it in to my home

Speak to me
What's left? What's left?
How do I curb this dread?
When my first thought is quit while ahead
Bereft of thought
What's left is breath
Track Name: Sunglass Pane
Found out I could breathe
With a hundred undercurrents
Pulling down on me

Slowly fall asleep
It's a wondrous wrapped around me
I'm dreaming of the sea

Splintered light
The ever distant glow
Sunglass pane
Arms length away

I see that I am free
As a bubble in my arm vein
Growing as I sink

Deep within the brine
In a cold world I emerge
And break the surface dyne
Track Name: She Said
You said that I found you
Let you shed all of your skin
You said that you'd like to
Share with me until the end

You said

You said that you wanted to
You said that you had to
You said that you needed to
You said that you'd love to

(Two bodies jilted string to clay
Two faces; masks, paper mâché
Something, something
You said something
But my words aren't in this play)

You said

You said that you're dangerous
But I saw beauty in your eyes
You said they'd reject us
But I kept bathing in your sighs

You said

After all the lines we crossed
I'm farther than I was before
After all the days and nights we spent
I tore you off without your consent

You said you needed someone
To help you live
Your life the way you dreamt it
I gave all I had to give

You said

You said that you wanted to
You said that you had to
You said that you needed to
You said that you'd love to

(Your voice is dry their faces wet
My sunset walker silhouette
Something, something
You said something
At least one end as not been met)

You said
Track Name: Mawkish Mask
Little coward
Sway till you topple bleating
I could be wrong
I could be wrong

Little coward
Now it presents itself
You’ll sit and wait
Until it’s gone

Spring in accordance
How the rain falls
Until summer interrupts

All that offers
Up for dower
The occasional meteor shower

Autumn in eruption
How the leaves fall
Until winter says enough

In a fury
Speckled flurry
Icy wrath
No judge no jury

Stay little mountainside
You'll weather down and learn alone

Who could rue
The cuckold boy who never knew
Who could blame
The one who tried to look away

Not a scholar nor dancer
No you were the answer

These cadences and tempos I thought I'd catch

Oh the dry pearly eyes behind a mawkish mask
Track Name: Time
The rain came down
As I offered you something
And I know the craziness you must be feeling

But maybe it will just take time

More I want to learn
So much more I want to share
Was that just the beginning of something

You say maybe it will just take time

How can two people feel like we do
And just walk away
We'll never know

But maybe it will just take time
We'll be alright

You say "maybe it will just take time"
Track Name: Bathing
Neck to knees, she is nude uneasy please
Please draw the bath that she needs
History and philosophy you deem
Deem her the enemy

They would call you honest
Laugh your ennui gone in self-indulgence
That you keep calling logic
Hold her head below

And now she's bathing
Endlessly bathing, endlessly
Somewhere dark and deep

Neck to knees, every inch of me believes
Believes in the devil's seed
In the drink and under leagues and leagues of dreams
Dreams ever cold and clean

They would call you happy
In your pragmatism young man's wisdom
But darkness lives in the heart of laughter
Your fertile soil is spreads it's roots and
Bears it fruit

They would call you brilliant
But you weren't bright enough to mute the million
Mouths that moan unending thoughts
So hold her down and now she's bathing

Endlessly bathing

In the Fall, fall asleep
Wake when the Spring brings honey bees
Bathing endlessly
Somewhere dark and deep