Violent Sun

by Haniwa

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released August 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Haniwa Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Artwork by Steve Silva


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Track Name: You Brute
Honey’s dripping from an angel’s backside
I lap it up as it starts to pool
Four frozen voices warn of Winter’s whiteout Four frozen carolers sing their dues
You brute
Slice a little heaven for this one too
You bought this ambrosia so smile and chew Lalalalalala
What does that choir coo?
Lying facedown in the blanket snow
With my fingers, I can make out letters
This is what you wanted what you chose to be
You grab my cheeks and force me towards the sunrise That violent Sun you say is all for me
You brute
Slice a little heaven for this one too
You bought his ambrosia so smile and chew Lalalalalala
Choral due
Track Name: Feels
Should I break through the glass Would she eat me alive
Maybe I'd never last
But would my shell survive
Moving pictures dancing on the wall Hieroglyphs make much more sense now Nights grow cold and oh you've grown as well Look up to bursting rain clouds now
Feel it with me now

No one told me the truth
That why she came along
Please just don't make me choose You don't know what you've done
Track Name: Pink & Gold
And we meet at dusk
And for miles our shadows loom Yearning for the night
As the Sun I light your Moon
(And with babies breath
I sought recourse
Taking cues from the one I've taken from you)
I supposed I should have waited But they say you just live once Why not let love
With the mirrors hung
I caught your tongue each time They say it takes two
Disregard that you weren't mine
Was I ever really needed It is possible to glow Without our love
Your Moon
And when you're with him As the bulb I dim your room
Track Name: Mecanique
These sleepless nights blur into one Amber street lights dare me to run Away from home away from here To seek you out find only fear
And like the Moon reflects the Sun My gate to you zeros and ones Silence and murmurs silence begins Find a way out or let me in
Blinking lights and whirring sound Endless space yet tightly wound Bleeding hearts and chemistry Vanish in the circuitry
I wish I wanted what's best for you A machine to me and my love is use
A different place Another life
A perfect man
A perfect wife
These sleepless nights blur into one A thousand lights
A Violent Sun
Track Name: Dodecahedron
My dear my dear you call Quiver you fear the fall As two could we obtain

Discover something sane You colored copper
Cut geometric
And played with each word Memorized logic
Incessant chatter Infinite matter
A place to live in Dodecahedron
My dear oh dear we've learned One year two years we churned Westward could we escape Finally something sane
And you could find me And I would be there Beside the calm sea The wind in your hair
I never saw it
I only dreamt it Dodecahedron A place to live in
Tangled feet cool concrete Drunken laughs magic grasp Picked you up ran and hid None can hide the things we did Watched him sing up on that hill Twigs in hair time to kill
Our walk home hand in hand Lips met lips future damned Fuzzy dreams when we woke Distance increased hardly spoke Flew back East Cosmic change Separate something sane
Track Name: White Tower
For every breath a shadow cast upon their home Bowing to white towers stirring up the gloam When the sunlight falls
Your tower will bathe in the morning dew
Armed with time

A few more hours is all I would ask of you
These hands stained with the rust of fixing up your wreck
Given half a chance they’d wring your fucking neck
Sweat beads that trace my age will someday gleam like the morning dew No home no grave
No tall white tower’d fit all I would take from you
Track Name: Bone Flute
One year review
I bent backwards to please you
And with regret
Cords snagged on hooks and a fishnet
And with heartache
Sunk like a stone in a deep lake One year since then
How could I look at your face when
Once again you are the enemy’s friend Like a black leech heartworm bad sperm Ascending to the womb
Once again I guess it isn't happening What rose with a trumpet’s fanfare Sinking as a flute
One boar one game
Worth even more than your surname
One cold silt floor
You reached and took what was not yours
One bone they’ll find
With any luck in your lifetime
One year since then
How could I look at your face when
Track Name: Tremble & Pulse
I will watch in wonder
Oh the sobbing of a girl
Her shoulders tremble and pulse

Storm clouds are your shelter Oh stabbing at the Earth
The world around you trembles Tremble
Tremble and pulse
I'd offer you guidance
I’d guide you far away from me My love
Summer's breadth and I'm headed out As for now I am your darkest cloud
Open up your blinds sometime Oh ladybugs in flight
Settle on your window to die
Moor upon his shoulder Oh his instead of mine Shuttle you through limbo Limbo
Tremble and pulse
I'd offer you closure
And I'd throw away the key my love My love
Summer’s breadth and I'm headed out As for now I am your darkest cloud
Violent storm and thunder
Fall on lily white lovers
I'd offer them cover
As a termite in the beams my love My love
See the adulteress who slept with doubt You wanted it perfect or you wanted out Sob your story and take a bow
As for now I am your darkest cloud
Track Name: Absolutely
I would have given you anything Absolutely absolutely
You told me to slow it down
But I would never listen no
Coloring our skin
Wet grass kiss in the wind Flowers to never die
Me laughing towards the sky
Stars signs and dreaming tales You know me all too well Dancing, cold tire swing
You and I absolutely
Track Name: Orcas
Last night I dreamed of billowing steam As I snuffed out a match on the sea What beautiful form does it make When molecules rise and separate
Young man False start
When the orcas swim, the orcas swim And one gets lost all the others call Call call
Oh my son you weren't gone very long Oh my god what is wrong
What is wrong
Last night you dreamed and you shared it with me As a monster I leapt from the sea
Through currents and torrents between
My home and my wild fantasy
Last night I dreamed of billowing steam
As I snuffed out a match on the sea
What beautiful form does it make
When two lives shake hands and separate